At Supurna, we see a business as a “system of flows” – the Performance Chain. Our global reputation is to create profitable and sustainable solutions that release working capital, improve capacity and increase speed by seeing flows through our four lenses – Speed, Flexibility, Predictability, and Leverage. By using our customized tools such as Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management, clients earn no less than 3X ROI with Supurna.

Working capital needs to flow to assure recurrence of healthy profits and revenues. At Supurna we “map the flow of money” and provide steps to reduce inventory and release needed bottleneck capacity.

As you grow and demands increase, your capital structure such as equipment and people must accommodate new or changing demands. We can help you find more capacity and flexibility while avoiding new investments by using our capital waste diagnostics, helping you make strategic capital investments.

Time is money. Time is a differentiator. Time is valued by customers. At Supurna, our diagnostics quickly characterize speed of product or transactional flows and identify root causes to the “rocks in the river of money.”

Ice flows

Ice flows, just like a Performance Chain. The photos you see on this website, taken by Sue Gillman (Supurna’s Managing Partner and an avid world traveler), symbolize change challenges facing businesses today.

Glaciers can be seen as old and slow moving obstacles to overcome, representing big and daunting challenges facing winds of change in the economy and the global market.

We only see the tip of the iceberg, but we know that as they flow on currents, there is a huge mass beneath the water’s surface. At Supurna we solve problems for businesses by “seeing the whole” of complex systems and then “mining the meaningful” that results in at least 3X ROI within a year.

In the news

Carving Out Waste in the Performance Chain
IMPACT, a publication of the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School (Published March 21, 2012)

Kenan-Flagler students recently had the opportunity to learn about performance improvement tools in an interactive six-hour seminar presented by Sue Gillman, Managing Partner of Supurna. The day was dedicated to bringing the challenges that businesses have to create “flow” in a performance chain, defined as all the people, processes and tools that must create a system to convert an order to cash in the bank for the seller. (More.)

Wolfe Eye Clinic: A Healthcare Performance Chain Done Right
by Sue Gillman - – Published Jan. 17, 2012

As a career operations professional, many of my friends understand that I see process flows in nearly everything I encounter. Some friends find this entertaining, others find it a bit annoying. But mostly they allow me to exercise (not exorcise) my craft. You see, I was born of operational parents. I’m not sure if it was nature or nurture, but regardless I was tuned to “see, map and measure” as a young child in Iowa. (More)