Performance chain education

Our educational programs for both PRODUCT and TRANSACTIONAL Performance Chains provide participants the tools to understand, analyze and solve these types of problems. Supurna has a portfolio of Performance Chain education experiences that provide immediate results built on two simple ideas:

  1. Truly sustainable improvement happens through people.
  2. People driving improvement need a comprehensive and flexible bag of tools including:  Lean, Six Sigma, Change Management and Business Acumen.

As you think about your Performance Chain, which is all the tangible and intangible elements that have to move from the moment you trigger demand until you have cash in the bank , are you getting the outcomes you want through all the ins and outs that have to work together to drive sustainable change?

The Supurna educational experience brings relevant topics, tools for change and collaboration by transforming participants into change agents who can lead projects for your organization earning at least 3X ROI.