How we do it

Operationalizing change is HARD work. It requires efforts on several fronts over extended periods of time, and contrary to human desire, rarely can real change happen with the flip of a switch.

When you work with Supurna we make sure you’re capable of carrying forward new improvements and fully operationalizing the change you’re making long after we finish an engagement. We do this in several ways:

Implementation teams
Using small (typically 3 – 5 people), highly-skilled teams that work onsite, side-by-side with your staff, we drive the change process, monitor results, and adjust actions until the right outcomes are achieved. It is not unusual for our implementation teams to achieve performance improvements that are three to five times the investment in our services – often significantly more.

Knowledge transfer
Building internal capability can take many forms: classroom education, hands on projects, shadowing and coaching individuals, reinforcing new behaviors, implementing new measures that change focus, or readiness assessments. The goal is the same – to help you grow the talent you need to not just sustain but also continue to uncover opportunities for improvement.

Through group sessions, we simulate the strategic or operational change you are contemplating. It’s no longer just an idea. You’ll get enough experience from the simulation to actually imagine the application in your workplace – or across your entire Performance Chain. You’re no longer talking about a great concept. You feel it working.

Mentoring and business coaching
Whether you need a mentor for one individual or a thought-leader for an entire team, we can help your in-house talent grow and flourish. Each of our coaching arrangements is unique. From providing general support and ongoing strategic advice to generating tools and establishing new processes, coaching can be one element of a complex project or the entire project.

We’ve done this many times before
Supurna has a training staff that is internationally recognized. We have provided education on 3 continents, numerous cultures, and many industries

Clients have included Fortune 500, mid-size, and small companies including:

Seagate Technology
Agere Systems
Sparboe Farms
Gold Coin
Hudson Hospital