Rapid assessment

How is your transaction Performance Chain working? Supurna’s 2-day Rapid Performance Chain Assessment creates a full view of your company’s strengths and areas that need work. Measured through Supurna’s four lenses of speed, predictability, flexibility and leverage, we can quickly define the best opportunities for improvement for any part of a service or transaction Performance Chain.

Thanks for providing a new way of looking at my service center. This assessment allowed me to look at my department through new lenses. This assessment provided me with a great baseline to which we can make improvements to the department and then measure the changes. – Senior Director, Seasonal Photo Production Company

What is it?

  • A 2-day assessment of any part of your organization’s service or transaction Performance Chain
  • A current state baseline, scored through our four lenses proven critical to sustainable performance
  • A means to set direction and/or validate strategic and operating plans

Who is it for?

  • All services organizations
  • Transaction areas (such as a receivables process) within a product organization
  • Business unit, service line or functional leaders

What you get:

  •  Current state performance scored through four lenses: speed, predictability, flexibility and leverage
  • Critical rating of the lenses based on your group and organization goals and performance
  • The range (variance) of scoring within the critical lenses
  • A ranking of results based on score and criticality to your organization’s goals