What we do

Imagine the things, people, and ideas that have to move from the moment you trigger demand to the time you have cash in the bank. That’s your Performance Chain. Is it fast? Flexible? Predictable? Does it inspire the most from your people or get the most from your capital? Is it sustainable?

At Supurna we have developed and successfully applied proven methods for tackling demand and supply challenges across industries, continents, and market conditions.

A lot of people toss around the phrase “supply chain.” Sometimes quite loosely. While the supply chain is certainly a key aspect of many businesses, too often companies spend an inordinate amount of time and resources on that one piece of the puzzle. What many leaders fail to capitalize on is that the supply chain is just one piece of something much larger: the performance chain.

Today’s supply chains are a complex tangle of data and relationships. You worry about continuously improving the sequence of everything from planning to sourcing, production and distribution of (usually) a product. Yet your supply chain is part of an even larger and sometimes more complex system: your organization’s performance chain.

We see the Performance Chain as a “system of flows,” and we help clients create profitable and sustainable solutions that release working capital, improve capacity and increase speed by seeing flows through four lenses – Speed, Flexibility, Predictability, and Leverage.

By using tools such as Lean, Six Sigma and Change Management, which are customized to your environment, you will experience why clients earn 3X ROI with Supurna.

Operationalizing this change is HARD work. It requires efforts on several fronts over extended periods of time, and contrary to human desire, rarely can real change happen with the flip of a switch.

When you work with Supurna we make sure you’re capable of carrying forward new improvements, of fully implementing the change you’re making long after we finish an engagement.