Lean transactional experience

Teaching Lean in transactional services is hard, but this 3-step approach built the skills and competency we needed to become real change agents for our organization. – Global Sales Executive

What is the foundation for your transactional Performance Chain? This 6-hour case-study based lab is aimed at providing the tools for participants to analyze and improve processes in a transactional administrative environment.

Basic value stream mapping, metrics and a business case study create change agents equipped to make process improvements in your organization. The experience creates a clear understanding of a transactional/service process in the current state and looks for improvement opportunities in the future state with quantifiable benefits.

Working through a case scenario for a transactional process, participants:

  • Practice tool application and analytic thinking in a no-risk yet realistic environment
  • Apply performance improvement tools to find relevant details and complete process analysis
  • Work as a team to find overall system implications and prioritize action plans

What is it?

  • A 6-hour lab to learn and experience process improvement
  • An improvement program for transactional processes using performance improvement tools
  • An immersion method to enhance participant capabilities to uncover hidden revenue potential

Who is if for?

  • Any product or service organization
  • Department heads
  • Process leaders and process performers
  • Change agents
  • Participants who wish exposure to transactional process improvement methods
  • Employees or students being introduced to Lean philosophy and methodology and transactional environments

What you get:

  • Participants able to analyze and improve transactional processes
  • Tools usable to uncover revenue potential in front-end processes
  • Process improvement tool concept education
  • Hands-on tool application and analysis practice in a low-risk environment