Knowledge transfer

In any given organization there is no shortage of ideas to improve business performance. Nor is there a shortage of willing hands to make it happen. But often it is the piece in the middle – the how do I do it?” piece — that can be the stumbling block.

  • Do you have the skilled resources to analyze and execute needed change?
  • Are your people trained in improvement practices?
  • Do you have enough resources?
  • Do your teams know both technical and change methods?
  • Can they sustain the gain?

Do you have any (or all) of these problems?

  • Process speed is too slow
  • Poor or expensive quality
  • Poor on-time delivery
  • Wide process variability
  • Poor flexibility to changes
  • Excess capital and/or resource use
  • Lack of defined or effective metrics
  • Poor communication between processes
  • Inability to diagnose problems
  • Inability to develop effective action plans
  • Inability to sustain changes