Performance chain masters series

More than “tools” focused, this masters series weaves in practical elements of change and business acumen. Participants affirm their readiness by leading real projects. This course created very strong change leaders. – Metals Refining Division President

Using a progressive, pragmatic education approach, this Performance Chain Master Series creates operational change agents for your organization. This comprehensive 18-day lab is designed to ensure your organization has skilled change agents to tackle complex Performance Chain issues and to deliver sustainable improvements over time.

This lab is delivered over an elapsed 4 to 6 month period, and participants are required to apply improvement tools and methods inside your company.

Utilizing Lean, Theory of Contraints, Six Sigma and change readiness concepts, advanced methods and concepts are coupled with hands-on practice and execution. Participants see the Performance Chain through the lenses of speed, predictability, flexibility and leverage.

Successfully deployed in manufacturing industries around the globe, completing participants are certified as “Performance Chain Masters.”

What is it?

  • An 18-day lab that creates certified operational change agents who eliminate waste and improve Performance Chain outcomes immediately and over time
  • A customized experience to represent the context, language and challenges of your business
  • Methodology including hands-on observation, data mining, simulation and case study
  • Participants see Performance Chains through lenses of speed, predictability, flexibility and leverage

Who is it for?

  • Any product manufacturing, fabrication or assembly organization
  • Middle managers who are responsible for operational performance
  • Subject matter experts who lead process optimization
  • Supply chain and capacity planning functions

What you get:

  • Staff who are skilled at “seeing the whole and mining the meaningful” to drive performance
  • Development and application of process improvement and organizational change readiness tools and methods
  • Education ROI from the completed and sustained projects
  • Confident change leaders