Sales lead-to-quote experience

This case brought our sales and order management process to life. It provided a collaborative and safe environment to bring together adjacent organizations to “fix” the whole process. – Executive Leader. Business Communications Enterprise

An 8-hour, case-study based lab, Supurna works with participants to find and analyze complex and discrete flows that crisscross departments. Participants use challenging analytics to describe the current state and a target future state to create an ROI-based case for change to create revenue growth for your business.

Working through a case scenario for a transactional lead to quote process, participants:

  • Focus on customer needs to develop a fast and accurate response
  • Practice tool application and analytic thinking in a no-risk yet realistic environment
  • Apply Performance Chain improvement tools to find relevant details and complete process analysis
  • Work as a team to find overall system implications and prioritize action plans

What is it?

  • A case study experience for transactional processes using performance improvement tools
  • A realistic process improving methodology to find potential revenue in a front-end process
  • A one-day immersion program to enhance participant capabilities

Who is it for?

  • Any product of service organization
  • Leaders and team members associated with the lead to quote process
  • Leaders and team members responsible for defining and executing improvement initiatives
  • Lean or Six Sigma practitioners who lack exposure to transactional or service environments
  • MBA/Advanced Continuing Education students

What you get:

  • Participants capable of analyzing and improving transactional processes
  • Tools usable to find cash or revenue anywhere in the Performance Chain
  • Hands-on tool application and data analysis practice in a low-risk environment
  • Real world data collection practice using an interview format within a case study