Increase speed

Time is money. Time is a differentiator. Time is valued by customers. At Supurna, our diagnostics quickly characterize speed of product or transactional flows and identify root causes to the “rocks in the river of money.”

Problems solved:

Reduced manufacturing cycle time
High-tech client 

Business challenge:

A high-tech electronics client, with a very Lean operation, needed to reduce the elapsed time that product spent within one of its manufacturing plants in the Far East.


  • An international team of consultants conducted a 3-week diagnostic to understand the dynamics of the plant, including process times, queue times, bottleneck identification and material flow issues
  • Following the diagnostic – 4 key opportunities were identified, ranging from the management of bottlenecks to the creation of pull systems
  • The opportunities were phased with ‘Quick Wins.’ The solutions were realized in 3 months and are successfully sustained today
  • Supurna team members worked very closely with the client project team to co-develop and implement solutions

Benefits realized

  • Cycle time was reduced by 20% from an original baseline figure that was already at world-class levels
  • Knowledge transfer to the client included:
    1. An alternative view and analysis of their existing data
    2. Knowledge and solutions in analyzing and controlling WIP levels and cycle time variation