Transactional performance chain mini-series

“I have attended other transactional classes, and this one was relevant, actionable, business focused. I left this course and immediately was able to make a difference for my company.” – Telecomm Industry Division Executive

Creating a relevant, fact-based and collaborative learning environment, Supurna provides a targeted approach to unleashing transactional productivity with its Transactional Performance Chain Mini-Series. This comprehensive 4 ½ day educational experience is designed to build specific skills to help “see the whole and mine the meaningful” in transactional environments.

This experience acknowledges and overcomes primary barriers that have blocked previous attempts to reveal, quantify and ultimately remove waste due to organizational design and lack of descriptive metrics.

Utilizing a specific toolkit customized from Lean, Six Sigma, Change Management and Business Acumen approaches, participants see the flows of the transactional peformance chaing through the lenses of speed, predictability, flexibility and leverage.

What is it?

  • A 4 ½ day lab that creates transactional change agents who eliminate waste and improve Performance Chain outcomes immediately, as well as over time
  • Customized to represent the context, language and challenges of your business
  • Methodology includes courseware, data mining, simulation and case studies
  • Participants see the Performance Chain through the Supurna lenses of speed, predictability, flexibility, and leverage

Who is it for?

  • Any product or service organization
  • Process Leaders and Process Performers
  • Participants who wish exposure to transactional process improvement methods
  • Employees or students being introduced to Lean philosophy and methodology in service and transactional environment

What you get:

  • Instructors who consult in transactional industries and who have real life context and examples
  • A customized approach that has relevant organizational themes
  • Change readiness tools and methods
  • Financial justification tools to “paint” the cost of waste for your sponsors