Taming the performance chain

Through this 3-hour lab, everyone in the room becomes part of a Performance Chain. This innovative simulation provides participants with first-hand experience about how to drive performance improvements in any organization. Through this simulation, we:

  • Diagnose the fitness of Performance Chains on speed, predictability, flexibility and leverage
  • Discover and solve the misalignment between the Performance Chain and customer needs
  • Demonstrate actions that can strengthen both customer experience and performance

What is it?

  • A half-day, fast-paced fun and interactive learning lab
  • An introduction to the basic concepts of a Performance Chain and customer experience
  • Lessons in evaluating speed, predictability, flexibility and leverage and actions that can drive overall performance improvements
  • Alignment of a Performance Chain to customer experience requirements, and understanding what customers will and will not pay for
  • Designed for groups of up to 75 people

Who is it for?

  • Anyone – from executives to front line managers
  • Cross functional, facility and business unit groups
  • Integrated sessions with suppliers and partners

What you get:

  • Immediate applied learning in a fun and safe environment
  • Skill building around basic performance concepts
  • Team building and an opportunity to apply the simulation lessons to key issues and opportunities in your organization
  • Each participant will receive a copy of the book “Taming the Performance Chain”