Lean factory experience

The evolution of this simulation and its relevance to my business launched my team into actions that are making a sustainable difference for us. – Electronic Components Executive

Want to improve your product Performance Chain foundation by identifying and optimizing contraints to transform plant efficiency and increase output? In this 1-day simulation-based lab, everyone in the room becomes part of a global Performance Chain.

Working from when value is manufactured or produced until value is delivered to customers, participants see, map and measure the flow of products and impact on business and financial performance.

In a 4-round simulation and active exchange over results, we:

  • Find impact of work in progress and process complexity in products flowing through the Performance Chain.
  • Use actual results from each simulation round to prioritize and decide what to change with the goal of increasing performance.
  • Apply a repeatable approach to transform both the flow of products and the way people work together to make improvement sustainable.

What is it?

  • A 1-day simulation where participants “live” the product in a global Performance Chain
  • Over 4 iterative rounds, the flow of products transforms and performance is strengthened
  • Participants apply repeatable techniques to see, map, change and measure performance

Who is it for?

  • Any manufacturing, fulfillment or assembly organization
  • Supervisors to directors, front line and middle managers
  • Manufacturing, engineering, planning, finance, maintenance or supply chain as departments or cross-enterprise groups

What you get:

  • A step-by-step iterative approach to transform a complex chain of processes
  • How to see, map and measure impact to your organization’s financial and business performance metrics
  • A repeatable approach to spot constraints and performance opportunities
  • How to embed sustainability in processes and in how people work together to achieve positive change