About us

Supurna (meaning to move “northeast” … the direction of favorable business results) is a global strategy and operational change firm with a diverse client portfolio including a range of industries and firm size from small startups focused on rapid growth to global clients trying to streamline operations and drive performance improvements.  We help leaders find money – revenue, profit and costs – trapped in their Performance Chain.

Focusing on three main deliverables for our clients – releasing working capital, improving capacity and increasing speed, our global reputation for creating sustainable operational change is rooted in our strong business acumen and change management skills.

What sets us apart? Our approach to operations is differentiated since we see business as a system of flows … the Performance Chain. Our first step in working with clients is to characterize the business processes through four lenses: Speed, Predictability, Flexibility and Leverage. We are then able to apply Lean, Six Sigma, change readiness or other focused tools to improve and sustain business processes and organization change.

In all cases this methodology generates not less than 3X Return on Investment in the first year.

In 2012 Mosaica Partners joins Supurna and brings its international reputation for Six Sigma education and consulting.